Alvaris Falcon

I would like to demo this Water Color Blogger template to you.

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  1. Alvaris Says:

    Hi, enjoy blogging with Water Color!

  2. Alvaris Says:

    Water color is an extremely artistic template authored by!

  3. Hi! i cannot d/load water color 2 my blog. i've follow your instruction... your instruction confused me...

  4. jules Says:

    Hi Alvaris,
    Thanks for converting this template. Appreciate very much. Just wondering if you know how the following images are suppose to appear. I don't see them on mine or here.


  5. Bombchell Says:

    wow this is insanely pretty

  6. 悉怛多缽怛囉阿門 色彩心理學 color c_sense.htm

  7. ThuyPhan Says:

    Hi Alvaris Falcon,

    Can you tell me how to create a Blog Archive like yours?


  8. Hi! This Template is very beautiful I love it!
    I have a problem, I can't see the date on my updates, it's sais 'undefined'
    How can I change it?
    Please, help me!
    Thanks, and congrats for the bautiful template!

  9. Anjum Says:

    it is such a beautiful template, i have everything set, however, i have the same problem as nymphetamine girl, date says undefined, can u please help on this?
    also, i cant seem to change the font of the header, i would like to use some italic fancy font, im not too good with HTML, so i get lost whenever i try!
    one last thing, the drag and arrange facility in the layouts does not work with my template, if i click on the menu or header or anything i cant drag and arrange anything
    sorry for the so many questions!!
    hope to hear ur reply soon!

  10. train08 Says:


    I'm actually having a bit of a problem with the template. I was wondering if you had any pointers. The problem lies within the header and the footer. It does not extend past a certain point. It does not mimic your demo version. The header and the footer stop right where the blogging area stops. I didn't know if there was a way to fix this?

    Thank you so much, I appreciate your hard work for pumping these templates out! Keep up the good work hopefully you'll have time to help me solve my problem.

    Thanks for the wonderful templates!


  11. how do you use the flickr option on this template?

  12. Berna Arslan Says:

    testing again, it doesn't work in my blog :(

  13. Grace Full Says:

    I have FINALLY figured out how to get the background to my blog but can't get tabs, date, or uploaded images to work.

    I have sent countless emails awaiting a "response within 2 days" and have received nothing.

    Someone please help me to get the rest of the theme to cooperate with my blog...and not just the background.



  14. Hi!
    I have the same problem with Nymphetamine Girl and Anjum, I can't see the date on my updates, it's said 'undefined'and i cant change the font of the header,
    Please, help me!
    Thanks :)

  15. Sonrisa... Says:

    Cómo podemos solucionar todos estos problemas expuestos? Son comunes todos por eso no expongo mi problema en concreto.
    Agradeceria que me contestaran a traves de mi página.
    Un saludo

  16. Anonymous Says:

    hi, this is a gorgeous template, but I cant put it on my blog, unfortunately. I know nothing of HTML codes. Help!!

  17. Dawn Says:

    I was unable to install this template on my blog??

  18. Sunshine Says:

    hi, what about emoticons? i can't add other template it's possible but not here. do you know why?

  19. Hope Alyways Says:

    Could someone please look at my blog (see below) & tell me why

    1. purple date (shows as "undefined") and

    2. yellow (hover over pink) tabs won't show up?

  20. mahesh kumar Says:

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  21. Mr. Dulocs Says:

    I want to create my own blogger, someone should help me please

  22. Jackery Says:

    Greate work. Hi everyone. I see a template here. It is so cool. hic..But i have not enough money. Everyone can sell it for me with 15$? Theme For News, :(. Thanks

  23. yasir Says:

    Nice Theme it is beautiful theme for all users i like it

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